The Halfway Mark II

A tangent before I start my second installment of The Halfway Mark.. getting good, clear screencaps is a lot harder than I thought it’d be. Just sayin’.

As of now, Personal Taste is still 16 episodes long, which makes me feel that the drama has been going at a great pace. It’s not draggy or boring at all, and I’m loving how the writers are making progress with the storylines that seemed to be connected haphazardly at first because of the faulty editing, but now have been showing an improvement in flow.

Sohn Ye Jin is by far the best thing about this drama, and watching her act as Park Gae In has solidified my major girl-crush on her. Although the drama itself has been pretty light and fluffy until the most current episodes, her acting has been anything but. She manages to bring depth to a character that could come off as foolhardy and irritating so that Gae In is lovable and naive, but not stupid. Gae In knows what’s what, and despite spur of the moment decisions she makes usually because of her endless reservoir of empathy for others, she knows when to say no and what situations call for fighting back.

But the great thing about Sohn Ye Jin in Personal Taste is that she’s masterful at balancing both Gae In’s cute, almost child-like side with her serious side as well. I’ve only seen Sohn Ye Jin in some of the movies she’s been in, and I never would have expected that she could pull off acting so adorably clueless, but I love that she wasn’t afraid to “tarnish” her image as many netizens have been claiming she’s been doing as Park Gae In. In my opinion, being able to feel secure enough to appear onscreen in sweats and no makeup unlike every other actress in k-dramas (*ahem perfect Lee Da Hae in Chuno) is testament to SYJ’s abilities as a serious actress. And I think she still looks beautiful in spite of the au naturale look.

Lee Min Ho is also a winner in his portrayal of Jeon Jin Ho. His coming out scene in episode 7 was beautifully executed, with outstanding acting from everyone involved, but Lee Min Ho brought tears to my eyes as he painfully squeezed his eyes shut before making the false admission that he was gay. I’m not going to deny the fact that I was highly skeptical of Lee Min Ho‘s ability to be a successful counterpart to Sohn Ye Jin in terms of acting because SYJ is so amazing, but despite the fact that he’s not quite at her level yet, he’s definitely proven to me that he’s come a long way since his Boys Before Flowers days.

The friendship between Jin Ho and Gae In has been in murky territory for a few episodes now, but both sides have taken significant strides in realizing and dealing with their feelings (Jin Ho more aware of his than Gae In is of hers), which I’m excited to see unfold even further in the episodes to come. At the table readings before the drama aired, witnesses gushed that Lee Min Ho and Sohn Ye Jin had amazing chemistry, which I heartily agree with. Not only do they look so effin’ good together, but I can see that Lee Min Ho is playing off of Sohn Ye Jin‘s strength as an actress, and that in turn is doing wonders for his character as well. Their camaraderie is apparent and I’m thinking they’re in the running to making it onto my favorite couples of k-dramas list.

I know that my entry is getting entirely too long, but I just have to gush about the best friends of the main characters before I conclude. Jo Eun Ji who plays Gae In’s best friend Young Seon came off as slightly typical at first as the female lead’s BFF, but Jo Eun Ji has been great at making Young Seon utterly likable. Jung Sung Hwa is a riot as Noh Sang Jun, Jin Ho’s sunbae and friend, and I love his chemistry with Lee Min Ho. Sang Jun is the perfect man for someone like Jin Ho to be friends with, because despite the fact that they are polar opposites, they balance each other out and complement each other nicely. (Gotta love some bro-lovin, especially when Sang Jun is involved.)

In short, Personal Taste has vastly improved as it has hit its halfway mark, and I’m greatly pleased at its progression so far. I left out some things I wanted to discuss (such as how much the character of In Hee infuriates me and the sheer greatness of Ryu Seung Ryong‘s Choi Do Bin) but I can save that for a later post. Thanks for reading, and hope you’re enjoying Personal Taste as much as I am! And with that, I’ll leave you with this final screencap:

Because you just know that this is bound to be the next pig-rabbit. I personally think this is way cuter than the pig-rabbit, but that’s just me. 😀

8 thoughts on “The Halfway Mark II

  1. great recap, i don’t care about what detractors say about Personal Taste, for me it is funny, entertaining, light and certainly not boring unlike other kdramas with heavy tearjerker, mind-bonggling plots (who needs drama when you already have that in real life).

  2. Maybe I should continue then? Have to admit that the first 4 episodes were incredibly disappointing for me.

    I’ll see if I have time to pick it up…after I finish BOTR first that is..hehehe..

  3. @ mamae

    I have to admit that I was one of those detractors at first, but that was only because of how much I was loving Cinderella’s Unni at the time. But the roles have reversed for me now because Personal Taste has been steadily improving as Cinderella’s Unni has been getting worse, so I agree with ya 100%. PT definitely has been balancing out the gloom and doom of CU, and is a much needed breath of fresh air.

    @ ripgal

    Yes, please continue with PT. It gets better with each episode, I promise. I didn’t like it at first either, but it grows on you as you keep watching. And since I’m watching both BOTR and PT right now, I can vouch for PT being way better, and the lead couple being even cuter than the JHW – LBY pairing. 😀

  4. thanks for the fantastic recap!
    Sohn Ye Jin is beyond amazing.. Love her in the comedic situations and especially in the quiet moments because her performance is always so nuanced.

    “Gae In knows what’s what, and despite spur of the moment decisions she makes usually because of her endless reservoir of empathy for others, she knows when to say no and what situations call for fighting back.”

    Agree! When Gae In stood up to Chang Ryul for Jin-ho and gave him that much deserved slap, I was so proud of her.

  5. Yay doozy! I only have one more week left until finals are over and I’ll have a month to do whatever I want, so an Alone in Love marathon is definitely in order. I can’t wait to continue watching it.. I think I’m up to episode 3? Not sure.

    And I want a Ji No of my own. Personal Taste is based off a book, and in the book the female protagonist (her name isn’t Gae In in the book, but Woo Min) buys a doll and names it Ji No, which is a play off of Jin Ho’s name because they sound the same. Ain’t that cute? 😀

  6. Yay for finals being almost over! And yay! for Alone in Love marathon!

    I looked up Ji No on joannefactory and he is so expensive! But darn, he is too cute to resist. Ack, what to do…

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