The finale of Oh, My Lady

Boy oh boy, if they hadn’t cast Choi Si Won as the lead of this drama, there’s very little chance I would’ve kept watching it because this is one of the fluffiest dramas of the least substance I’ve ever seen. Javabeans put it well in her latest recap of OML when she said that the problem with OML is that no matter how many plot conflicts they touch upon, they always veer away from delving deeper into the issues and instead gloss over them, like the world that Gae Hwa and Min Woo live in is some kind of fantasy place where negative things just don’t happen. I think Choi Si Won was probably the best thing about OML, which although isn’t saying much since there aren’t many good things about it, Choi Si Won put in a great performance in his first lead role in a full length drama. I feel like his acting is improved enough that he’d be able to cross over and become a full-time actor instead of staying with dime in a dozen idol group Super Junior, but that’s a whole other topic to gripe on for another time.

I loved how Choi Si Won succeeded in making Sung Min Woo likable from the start. With a lesser actor, Sung Min Woo could’ve come across as utterly annoying, but Choi Si Won has an innate appeal and charm that he injects into everything he does, and that came across in his acting as well. His chemistry with Chae Rim was acceptable at best (especially having seen how great she was with Lee Min Ki in Dal Ja’s Spring), but I thought CSW was wonderful with the little girl who played his daughter Ye Eun, and since CSW had previously worked with the actor who plays the tenacious reporter Han in his fusion sageuk mini-drama Legend of Hyang Dan, they were good together as well.

Chae Rim is not a bad actress. I think she’s downright adorable and has a very upbeat demeanor, but the main problem with her is that she continues to choose the same roles over and over. I realize she’s not quite young anymore, but I would like for Chae Rim to not cross over into ajumma category just yet because she’s still got a few years before she qualifies as one. Once again, she was good in her role as Yoon Gae Hwa, infusing Gae Hwa with energy and sincerity simultaneously. She also was great with both of the little girls, but when has she ever not been great with kids?

I won’t get into Park Han Byul again except to say that she’s actually not all bad when she’s acting in subdued scenes. Her drinking scene in episode 15 was nicely done, with PHB clearly conveying her sadness over the news of Min Woo and Gae Hwa. I really loved that Lee Hyun Woo‘s character Yoo Si Jun wasn’t a typical male second lead in that his feelings for Gae Hwa bordered on friendship for basically the entire drama. Although there were moments when Si Jun seemed like he had more than platonic feelings for Gae Hwa, it made me so glad when the possibility of reconciliation between him and his wife was dangled in the final episode. One divorce is one too much for a drama, and if they’d divorced, it would’ve seemed too unfair since their entire marriage was wrought with misunderstandings and things left unsaid.

The last two episodes of OML weren’t necessarily bad, but the problem I had with them is probably the same as what y’all felt as well… they were way too rushed. It was as though the writers had realized last minute that they had written absolutely nothing of substance within the past 14 episodes and there was no plot development at all, so they gave up and just wrote whatever came to their minds. For those of you who haven’t watched the last two episodes yet, please don’t proceed because you will be spoiled. What happened to Ye Eun’s problem with speech? Why did Min Woo have such an easy rise back to fame? Not that I have anything against Min Woo, but come on. One good performance in a theater show completely makes up for all of the negative press he’d been receiving up to that point? I really hate it when the last few episodes of an otherwise acceptable drama are rushed and bad overall, because that completely ruins the entire drama for me. OML’s predecessor, Wish Upon a Star, was like that as well, and now OML has gone and done the same thing. We finally got to see the kiss between Min Woo and Gae Hwa that we were all waiting for, but they decided to have that be the last scene? What about the marriage proposal? Did that admission from Gae Hwa mean that she was agreeing to marry Min Woo? As you can probably see, I have as many complaints about Oh, My Lady‘s ending as I did with WUAS, but I think OML was a cute drama to watch if one needs to get away from the stresses of life. It’s a good pick-me-up with a happy ending and has its share of really cute scenes, and that’s about it. Although OML’s charm was what I enjoyed while I was watching it, charm isn’t enough to help viewers remember the drama in the long run. I can only hope that both Choi Si Won and Chae Rim choose better dramas/projects next time. The only good thing about OML’s ending is that now I can see my love Kang Ji Hwan in Coffee House next week! 😀

One thought on “The finale of Oh, My Lady

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Those last two episodes were such a disappointment and not everything was cleared up. It’s kinda sad that they were not able to focus much on the possible make-up of the married couple, but they just had to show the girl leave. 😦

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