An Apology From Me to You

Hello y’all! I realize it’s been more than a month since my last post and I’m truly sorry about my absence. The first semester of my senior year is winding down and I’ve been so busy trying to survive it that everything’s fallen to the wayside.. even my beloved dramas. The only thing that’s been keeping me going is my love for my ILU which has grown exorbitantly in the past few months and if I didn’t have my Si Won, I honestly would’ve died from exhaustion and stress months ago. With that being said, I’m hoping I’ll be around more during the summer as I take online classes and work full-time because in my spare time, I plan on getting back on track with translating for my beloved WITHS2 and Haru2 groups and keeping up with my blog as well. I love you all for continuing to visit my humble abode despite the lack of updates as of late, and Si Won loves you too. I’ll be back soon!


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