Nam Sang Mi and Lee Sang Yoon Are Dating!


I’m going to translate the article first and then give my thoughts about this new couple because oh, there will be gushing.

Actress Nam Sang Mi (27) has admitted that she’s in a rosy, new relationship with Lee Sang Yoon (30). Nam Sang Mi filmed the SBS drama Life is Beautiful with Lee Sang Yoon and they moved forward into a lovely relationship of their own.

During Nam Sang Mi‘s appearance on tvN’s Taxi Talk Show on May 31st, she said “while I was filming the drama with Lee Sang Yoon, my friendship with him changed into something more” and that “we’ve just begun as a couple. Please accept this news with understanding,” she requested shyly.

While the two stars were filming the drama, they were suspected to be dating throughout and were accused of this. They were spotted riding in a car alone together as well as working out together by multiple witnesses, but when asked at the time, they denied being in a relationship.

Nam Sang Mi said, “We were just colleagues who cared about each other at first but as more and more time passed, we realized the feelings that we’d developed for each other.” She also said that they’ve been dating since earlier this year.

While they were on Life is Beautiful, they portrayed a couple very much in love who ultimately got married. The crew who worked on the drama congratulated them, joking that another couple has been born from the set of a drama.

Via Daum


This makes me so very happy because I thought Nam Sang Mi and Lee Sang Yoon were an adorable couple on Life is Beautiful, the two actors displaying a charming, adorable chemistry that was believable enough they seemed like they weren’t acting at all. I truly love Nam Sang Mi as an actress and I think she has a sweet, easy-to-love demeanor that makes her appealing to just about anyone. After watching Life is Beautiful, I had a soft spot for Lee Sang Yoon because I thought he was adorable as the youngest son of the Yang family, and now as I watch The Duo, LSY’s been blowing me away, showing that with improvement his acting chops are quite formidable. I’m so glad that these two are in a relationship and I wish them all the best. ❤


8 thoughts on “Nam Sang Mi and Lee Sang Yoon Are Dating!

    • I knowwwwwww! I reacted the same way both of you did. I couldn’t stop smiling after I read the first news articles and just in case it was just speculation, I continued to pore over more articles on Daum and other news sites until this morning. Both parties have confirmed the relationship! And what’s even better is that the two of them just left for the Philippines with a few of the other cast members from LiB. I don’t know how long they’ll be there but heeeeeee, they must be pretty serious to be going on a vacation together already. xDDDD

  1. AW HELLS YEAH!!!!
    *jumps up and down squeeeing
    I hope they can nd up like Ki Tae Young and Eugene….ih my god this just made my day


    I more like see Nam sang mi with Lee jun ki. I think they’re the best couple in their drama , that’s Time Between Dog and Wolf.
    *just my opinion*

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