Official Trailer Released for Extravagant Challenge!

I wish I could embed the video straight into my blog but I don’t have the proper upgrade for that yet, so here’s the link to the official trailer of Choi Si Won’s (My ILU), Lee Dong Hae’s and Ivy Chen’s upcoming Taiwanese drama Extravagant Challenge or Skip Beat, as the mangas are called which the drama will be adapted from. I was beyond excited for this drama to air in the fall because of a myriad of reasons that all had to do with my love for both Si Won and Dong Hae, but now the trailer has catapulted my anticipation to astronomical heights. I won’t gush here about it because I could go on and on about how excited I am, but I’m just going to allow myself to say that I’ll be shipping Dong Hae’s character with Ivy’s all throughout the drama not because I love Si Won, but because of the insane chemistry they display in the trailer alone. I adore Dong Hae but good God he and Ivy are scorching hot together. Filming for Extravagant Challenge began in early April and is scheduled to finish at the end of this month.

( edit )

Here’s an English-subbed trailer for those of you who need it. Again I can’t help but say how much I’m looking forward to this drama. Si Wonnnnnnn and Dong Haeeeeeeeeeeeeee <33333333333


3 thoughts on “Official Trailer Released for Extravagant Challenge!

  1. I watched the trailer a number of times already and I must say I’m on the the Dong Hae and Ivy ship as well. I still super duper love Siwon but OMG! Dong Hae and Ivy scenes rock! I loved the teaser!!!! It’s so unlike other twdrama teasers I’ve seen so far so I really have high hopes for this one!

    • I wanted to keep my high hopes at bay but I don’t think I’ll be able to.. I just get more and more excited with each time I rewatch this trailer. I just hope it doesn’t disappoint!

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