Nam Sang Mi and Lee Sang Yoon Are Dating!


I’m going to translate the article first and then give my thoughts about this new couple because oh, there will be gushing.

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Nam Sang Mi and Daniel Choi’s Couple Photo Shoot for Cosmopolitan

Actors Nam Sang Mi and Daniel Choi participated in a photo shoot today that showcased a preppy look with the clothes designed by Mr. Preppy himself, Tommy Hilfiger. They were able to set a lively and cheerful atmosphere during the shoot, working well to create quality pictures that conveyed the “humor and wit” (which I don’t see at all in the pictures but what do I know?) concept that was intended for the photo shoot. The two celebrities are known for their stylish images and approachable good looks, and those characteristics of theirs carried over in the shoot. They were both praised for their abilities to come up with good poses and facial expressions from the staff members present throughout the shoot. Personally, I adore these two and would love to see them in a drama together instead of just a photo shoot, but I’ll take what I can get. They look gorgeous even though I know they’re posing as a couple, despite the fact that the clothes and concept of the shoot don’t interest me much. The pictures can be found after the jump.

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The Harmful Effects of Photoshopping

Talk has been circulating about the usage of photoshop on stars, with before and after pictures being compared. As you can see in the above image, photos of beautiful stars such as Shin Min Ah, Kim Hee Ae, Oh Yeon Soo, Kim Tae Hee, Jessica Gomez, Lee Hyori, Song Hye Gyo, and Shin Se Kyung are being doctored to improve body shapes, remove wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, making their appearances even more unrealistic and unattainable than they normally are.

Through online communities such as twitter, photos of female celebrities are being discussed, with the before and after pictures being circulated rapidly. Last October, on the SBS broadcasted Good Morning with Bae Gi Wan, Choi Yeong Ah, and Jo Hyeong Gi, alterations of photos that don’t harm the reputations of the celebrities was discussed, but this is considered something completely different.

In the image above, Jessica Gomez who is considered to have the body of a goddess is shown, as well as top stars Kim Tae Hee, Lee Hyori, and Shin Se Kyung. Kim Tae Hee, Oh Yeon Soo, and Kim Hee Ae were “fixed” so that they would have “clean faces” by getting rid of their wrinkles, while the photo of Jessica Gomez was altered by thinning down her stomach and thighs as well as her arms. In the cases of Lee Hyori, Song Hye Gyo, and Shin Se Kyung, their legs were elongated earning them a complex with the lower halves of their bodies and much criticism. Supporters of photoshopping have been making comments such as “The power of photoshop is great,” “I can’t believe Shin Se Kyung‘s legs are that short,” and “The incomparable Kim Tae Hee is also seeing the benefits of alteration.”

This just really grinds my gears. The image of beauty has been transformed so much that the concept of the ideal woman with the perfect body type is just about unattainable for us normal ladies. Despite how difficult it is to live under the scrutiny of society, these female celebrities don’t deserve to be “perfected” because what few flaws they have are somewhat visible. Is it necessary to tone down Shin Min Ah‘s S-line and slim her waist even more than it already is? And yes, Song Hye Gyo and Shin Se Kyung are short. So what? What’s the point of lengthening their legs when it’s obvious that their legs aren’t that long in real life? Photoshopping is something that’s always infuriated me because it’s so harmful and demeaning to all parties involved, and it’s completely unnecessary because it’s a universal fact that no one is perfect. I know my ranting and raving isn’t going to do any good so I’ll stop right here but I just wanted to translate this article to show that this kind of stuff STILL happens and this article gives us a glimpse of just how hard it is to endure life as a celebrity.


Daniel Choi Cast as The Baby-Faced Beauty

It looks like I have another Daniel Choi project to look forward to. He’s just been cast in the upcoming KBS drama The Baby-faced Beauty which looks to be his comeback project. It’s slated to start airing in May and the production company behind this drama supposedly lobbied hard for Daniel Choi‘s casting. His character is a high school graduate with a bad reputation who’s hired to act as the younger brother of a 30-year old single woman 7 years his senior. There are high hopes that baby-faced star Choi Kang Hee who’s considered as a “representative of the entertainment industry” will be cast as the female lead. This will be the first time after the 2008 drama The World They Live In that Daniel Choi will be starring in a KBS drama. He began his foray into acting in 2004 with EBS’s School Tale or Tale of a School and saw his rise to fame through 2009’s sitcom High Kick Through the Roof. His movie Cyrano Dating Agency also starring Kim Min Jung, Uhm Tae Woong, and Park Shin Hye saw the end to his rookie days and transitioned him into a well-known actor. He is currently shooting for the upcoming drama The Musical with Gu Hye Sun, Park Ki Woong and Ock Ju Hyun.

I’m excited about this because I love Daniel Choi‘s boyish demeanor, but Choi Kang Hee isn’t a big draw for me so I guess I’ll have to see where the wind takes me with this one.

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Actor Chun Jung Myung is Crushing on Sohn Ye Jin

Aren’t we all? During an adorable segment when actor Chun Jung Myung is interviewed on the variety show Come and Play, he recalls a night when he’s eating dinner with Bae Yong Joon, Kil, and Park Jin Young. During the meal, he suddenly saw Director Jang Je Kyu (Taekgukgi: The Brotherhood of War) nearby. As he was going to say hello, he saw actress Sohn Ye Jin sitting next to him and was so taken aback that he had a hard time regaining his composure. He revealed that this might’ve been due to the champagne that he’d been drinking, but he couldn’t stop the trembling feeling he had in his heart (Awwwwwwwwww!) so although he had intended just to say hello and return to his seat, he told her that she appeared to be glowing as if there were a halo around her head. Before he left, he told her that he’d love to work with her on an upcoming project and he offered to teach her different ways to workout if ever she needed help (*snerk*). All of this was revealed on his segment on Come and Play which I’m hunting down and downloading immediately.

How freaking adorable is that? Now this is a pairing that I wouldn’t have thought to come up with but I’d actually love to see together. They’re both amazing actors who are of similar ages (He was born in 1980 while she was born in 1982) and I think they’d be wonderful together… onscreen and off. Here’s to hoping! 🙂

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