Romance, Meet Quirky and Creepy

Although this still doesn’t give away much, it succeeded in getting me super excited to watch this movie which will be released later this year. Chilling Romance will feature Sohn Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki paired up as a supernaturally inclined duo, with the former being able to see ghosts and the latter being able to conjure them. Knowing the tendency that Lee Min Ki has to pick semi-decent projects, I’m hoping that Sohn Ye Jin will use this movie as a stepping stone to picking better projects from now on *ahem, yes I’m looking at you Personal Taste*. LMK has been cast with noonas before, having starred in the witty, adorable Dal Ja’s Spring with Chae Rim, while SYJ starred in PT with Lee Min Ho, who’s 5 years her junior. Seeing how much chemistry both couples had, I’m hoping there’ll be sparks between Lee Min Ki and Sohn Ye Jin as well. Yay for good actors/actresses working together! 😀

Taoist Wizard Jeon Woo Chi

“Is this a dream?” Asks Im Soo Jung‘s character Seo In Kyung as she’s carried by Kang Dong Won‘s Jeon Woo Chi through mid-air and gently placed on the ground. “Life is but a long battle dream says I, Taoist Wizard Jeon Woo Chi.” Declares Jeon Woo Chi with his trademark smirk, knowing that mere seconds later he will be killed. At least temporarily, but he isn’t aware of that. After a long journey, Jeon Woo Chi has finally realized what his teacher meant when he said he had to empty himself of emotions in order to learn how to become a true wizard and he decided to apply all of this wisdom and knowledge in allowing his archenemy Hwa Dam (played by a marvelously unrelenting Kim Yoon Seok) to end his life, and this sacrifice is precisely what gives Jeon Woo Chi the power of a full-fledged wizard.

After a long period of it just sitting on my hard drive waiting for me, I began Jeon Woo Chi in anticipation, knowing it was going to be a fun watch but not expecting to be thoroughly impressed. Let’s start with the gushing. Kang Dong Won was absolutely superb as Jeon Woo Chi. When I saw him give interviews, he’s a mild-spoken, quiet type of guy who seems a bit awkward but has bursts of witty humor shine through. But during his first scene, he impersonates a heavenly prince or angel of some sort and has the entire court down on their knees in reverance, and had me cracking up as he carelessly dropped priceless vases and spoke in a boastful, proud voice while stuffing valuable artifacts into the folds of his clothes. There was no trace of Kang Dong Won in Jeon Woo Chi. He had completely transformed into the troublemaker wizard and I loved every second of it. He looked amazing as he twirled his staff and bent into his fighting pose as he waited for the yo-gye (the monsters) to attack. He made flying through the air on a cord and pulley look effortless although he stated in an interview that he was scared for his life at the great heights he was being yanked through. I had never seen Kang Dong Won in anything before (although I have had Temptation of Wolves waiting to be watched as well) and I immediately fell for him in Jeon Woo Chi because of how dang hot he was.

Im Soo Jung gave him a run for his money though as Seo In Kyung. I’ve only seen her in …ing so far but I’ve always thought she was one of the most talented and beautiful actresses in Korea of any generation. She makes every character come to life and she’s so versatile that you can find no remnants of past characters in her acting of new ones. She was no different in Jeon Woo Chi, and she had great chemistry with Kang Dong Won, as well as Kim Yoon Seok.

Kim Yoon Seok was so deliciously evil as Hwa Dam that it was almost sexy. He gave off such a dark, sensual vibe in everything he did that his portrayal earned him a place on my favorite villians list. The fight scenes between him and Kang Dong Won were perfectly executed, and Kim Yoon Seok was flawless in making Hwa Dam an incredibly cold, calculating person/yo-gye/whatever the heck he was.

It was nice being able to watch the Korean entertainment industry veer away from the norm and produce such a creative flick (although it took almost ten years to complete the entire process). I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and wanted to say more, but held back for the sake of y’all who haven’t seen it yet. Please do, the entire cast was great and the story was engaging, so much so that although the movie’s more than two hours long, it doesn’t seem that way when you’re watching it. The supporting actors/actresses (Baek Yoon Shik, Yoo Hae Jin) were all wonderful as well. Overall, watching Jeon Woo Chi was a fun ride and I enjoyed it all the way. Until next time!