Official Trailer Released for Extravagant Challenge!

I wish I could embed the video straight into my blog but I don’t have the proper upgrade for that yet, so here’s the link to the official trailer of Choi Si Won’s (My ILU), Lee Dong Hae’s and Ivy Chen’s upcoming Taiwanese drama Extravagant Challenge or Skip Beat, as the mangas are called which the drama will be adapted from. I was beyond excited for this drama to air in the fall because of a myriad of reasons that all had to do with my love for both Si Won and Dong Hae, but now the trailer has catapulted my anticipation to astronomical heights. I won’t gush here about it because I could go on and on about how excited I am, but I’m just going to allow myself to say that I’ll be shipping Dong Hae’s character with Ivy’s all throughout the drama not because I love Si Won, but because of the insane chemistry they display in the trailer alone. I adore Dong Hae but good God he and Ivy are scorching hot together. Filming for Extravagant Challenge began in early April and is scheduled to finish at the end of this month.

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Here’s an English-subbed trailer for those of you who need it. Again I can’t help but say how much I’m looking forward to this drama. Si Wonnnnnnn and Dong Haeeeeeeeeeeeeee <33333333333

Will Jung Yong Hwa Get the Girl This Time Around?

Actress Park Shin Hye and CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa have been cast in the upcoming Wed-Thurs MBC drama Festival as the leading couple. Festival will be set in an arts school in which the main characters work hard to achieve their dreams through their sweat and tears. The drama’s said to be a melo about the days of youth when first loves and new friendships are experienced. Festival‘s garnering interest because it’s the next drama of Pyo Min Soo, who directed both Full House and The World They Live In. Park Shin Hye‘s character is described to be bright and lively, who is a prodigy (*sighs* another genius? Apparently everyone and their mother are geniuses in Korea) in Korean-style classical music and playing the gayageum, which is a 12-stringed Korean harp. Through this role, Park Shin Hye will be exhibiting a cute and lovable character whose youthfulness radiates through her actions. Jung Yong Hwa‘s character is a student who is forced by his circumstances to live in a cultured, urban atmosphere and is a musical genius (of course he is.) who specializes in the guitar. The two of them fall in love through bickering and fighting and are planning to create a fun story as well as romance. Fans have been showing much enthusiasm about this casting news even when it’d been only rumors floating around. Although Jung Yong Hwa‘s character Kang Shin Woo in You’re Beautiful had to endure through an unrequited love for Park Shin Hye‘s Go Mi Nyeo, fans are excited to see whether or not their love story will unfold this time. Festival is slated to air after Royal Family, which sets its first broadcast on the 22nd of June.

I’m not going to lie, I’m ridiculously excited about this drama because I so wanted Jung Yong Hwa‘s Kang Shin Woo to get the girl in You’re Beautiful. A lot of times I naturally go against the grain and root for the second lead when he is depicted as the silent dummy protector, and I loved how Shin Woo was always so attentive towards Mi Nyeo despite knowing that she had feelings for someone else. I thought Jung Yong Hwa did a decent job in You’re Beautiful when compared to other actors *cough plastic-face Kim Hyun Joong cough* and I’m excited to see if he’ll be able to carry Festival on his shoulders with Park Shin Hye. My guess is as good as yours, and I’m hoping that the cute chemistry they displayed in You’re Beautiful will be evident in Festival as well. Dang it, now all I have to do is wait for Royal Family to end. 😦

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Choi Si Won and Lee Dong Hae cast in Upcoming Drama with Ivy Chen

Choi Si Won (upper left) and Lee Dong Hae (bottom left) have been cast in the upcoming GTV drama Extravagant Challenge with actress Ivy Chen. My knowledge of the entertainment industry in China is zilch so I can’t say how I’m feeling about this, especially because Si Won and Dong Hae are working on improving their Chinese. They’ve been able to practice their skills with their Super Junior M activities, but it’s one thing to sing songs with your voice autotuned so much that listeners can barely understand what is being sung, and it’s another to take on acting in a full length drama speaking a language that you’re not fluent in. My ILU isn’t necessarily a bad actor, but he’s still a little green so I’m apprehensive about this, especially after hearing how weak of an actor Dong Hae was in his first drama It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter. Si Won will be acting the lead male role Ren Tsuruga while Dong Hae will be the second lead.

After hearing this news, I’m worried because my ILU’s been so busy lately with wrapping up shooting for his last drama Athena which just ended, participating in Super Junior activities, and now acting in Extravagant Challenge. He’s barely had any time to take a load off and rest for a little while, so I hope he’ll be alright and not overwork himself. The same applies to Dong Hae, his drama ended not too long ago and he’s been busy with Super Junior activities as well so I’m dreading hearing one day that my beloved Si Won and my third favorite member of SuJu Dong Hae have collapsed out of exhaustion. EC’s pre-production will begin next month, and I’m only allowing myself to be cautiously hopeful at this point.

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Daniel Choi Cast as The Baby-Faced Beauty

It looks like I have another Daniel Choi project to look forward to. He’s just been cast in the upcoming KBS drama The Baby-faced Beauty which looks to be his comeback project. It’s slated to start airing in May and the production company behind this drama supposedly lobbied hard for Daniel Choi‘s casting. His character is a high school graduate with a bad reputation who’s hired to act as the younger brother of a 30-year old single woman 7 years his senior. There are high hopes that baby-faced star Choi Kang Hee who’s considered as a “representative of the entertainment industry” will be cast as the female lead. This will be the first time after the 2008 drama The World They Live In that Daniel Choi will be starring in a KBS drama. He began his foray into acting in 2004 with EBS’s School Tale or Tale of a School and saw his rise to fame through 2009’s sitcom High Kick Through the Roof. His movie Cyrano Dating Agency also starring Kim Min Jung, Uhm Tae Woong, and Park Shin Hye saw the end to his rookie days and transitioned him into a well-known actor. He is currently shooting for the upcoming drama The Musical with Gu Hye Sun, Park Ki Woong and Ock Ju Hyun.

I’m excited about this because I love Daniel Choi‘s boyish demeanor, but Choi Kang Hee isn’t a big draw for me so I guess I’ll have to see where the wind takes me with this one.

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Gong Hyo Jin to Discover Love with Lee Seung Gi?

This honestly has got to be one of the oddest pairings I’ve ever seen but I’m really excited to see if they could make it work. Gong Hyo Jin is looking favorably upon the upcoming Hong sisters drama The Discovery of Love of which Lee Seung Gi has been said to be cast already. Judging from the fact that both Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Seung Gi are such popular stars, the anticipation for this upcoming drama is mounting, which means GHJ probably will wind up accepting the role. Not much information is given in the news report aside from the fact that The Discovery of Love will be about an actress (Gong, if she decides to take the role) whose fifteen minutes of fame have all but run out who finds love with an actor (Lee Seung Gi‘s character) whose fame and popularity are rising.

I honestly have no idea how this coupling will turn out. I had my doubts about Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi and they wound up killing it in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho so I’m cautiously excited about how The Discovery of Love will turn out. It will air after the upcoming Royal Family ends its run.

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The Realistic Romance of 49 Days

Boy, do they look beautiful together or what? For the past month, shooting has been in progress for the upcoming drama 49 Days and these stills have been released of the Kang Min Ho (Bae Soo Bin)Shin Ji Hyeon Nam Gyu Ri couple. This scene depicted the couple on a picnic together, and the actors were said to have changed their outfits 10 times throughout filming. When Lee Jeong Heum PD asked them to seem as natural and comfortable together as possible, they fell right into character for these shots, toasting with their cups of coffee, posting for a picture resembling a selca, and holding hands. At the Ilsan Production Center where filming has been taking place, a set was created to appear as a ski resort, and the two actors were instructed to frolic as if they were at a real snow-covered mountain. They began to laugh and chase each other around, tumbling all over the place.

From the looks and sounds of it, 49 Days is off to an intriguing start. It has a great premise that reminds me of the wonderfully cynical Dead Like Me with its grim reapers and life after death, and the cast is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait for Sign to be over so that 49 Days will begin its run! Only a few weeks left to wait. 🙂

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Nam Goong Min Cast in Listen to My Heart

Nam Goong Min has been cast alongside Kim Jae Won, Hwang Jung Eum, Song Joong Ki and Ryu Si Won in Listen to My Heart. His character, Jang Jun Ha, abandons his father and younger sister in order to gain peace of mind for himself. Nam Goong Min released a statement through his agency Bel Actors Entertainment saying that he’s come across a character that he felt compelled to take and that he’s ready to show his viewers the skills he possesses as an actor through the character of Jang Jun Ha.

Of all the wooden actors I’ve seen, Nam Goong Min has to be one of the prettiest, if not the most pretty, so I can’t tell you how I’m feeling about the promise he makes to show us his acting chops. He was slightly better than mediocre in the terrible One Fine Day, and he was even more wooden than I’d remembered him to be in the zany Birth of a Rich Man, albeit an incredibly gorgeous block of wood. However, Listen to My Heart is hosting a slew of actors/actresses that I don’t necessarily love but am optimistic about, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how Nam Goong Min fares.

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Kim Ha Eun’s Next Project

Actress Kim Ha Eun has been cast in the upcoming melodrama Thorn Tree Bird, joining Han Hye Jin, Kim Min Jung, Joo Sang Wook, and Seo Do Young who have already been cast. Her character will be that of tomboyish minor actress Yang Mi Ryeon, who dreams of becoming a star one day. Her character is described as having been best friends with Han Hye Jin‘s character Seo Jung Eun, the two being roommates as well. They encourage each other in their dreams to becoming famous actresses, but due to being immature, Mi Ryeon causes Jung Eun much heartache and frustration. Han Hye Jin is reported to have uploaded friendly pictures of herself posing with Kim Ha Eun in character on her twitter.

I’m feeling ambivalent about this casting for two reasons. One, I’m uber psyched that we get to see Kim Ha Eun in her next project after her supporting role in Chuno (which I didn’t get to see her in). Two, this means I’m going to have to watch Thorn Tree Bird when I wasn’t going to go near it with a ten-foot pole because of its seemingly makjang machinations. But after seeing KHE in the wonder that is Conspiracy in the Court and hearing great things about her acting in Chuno, I’m going to have to give this drama a try, at least just for her.

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Kim Jae Won’s First Post-MS Project

Actor Kim Jae Won who was recently released from military service has been chosen as the male lead role opposite actress Hwang Jung Eum in the upcoming drama Listen to My Heart. Listen to my Heart will air after the intense Flames of Ambition completes its run, and Kim Jae Won and Hwang Jung Eum are said to be working on getting a feel for the other’s acting. KJW’s role will be that of chaebol son (of course, how’s a k-drama complete without any mention of a chaebol? *grumble grumble*) Cha Dong Joo who is hard of hearing due to an accident. The cast also includes Song Joong Ki (Yay!) and Ryu Si Won.

Since Hwang Jung Eum‘s fresh off the success of shooting Giant and has been said to have made a marked improvement in her acting as a result of working with such heavyweights as Jung Bo Seok, Park Sang Min, Lee Deok Hwa, and Lee Beom Soo, I’m excited to see how she fares in this drama. The only thing I’ve ever seen Kim Jae Won in is Wonderful Life and he was serviceable there so I’m anticipating how his acting has changed after MS. He’s looking great though, just like it did for actor Chun Jung Myung, methinks MS has done Kim Jae Won some good.

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Seo Ji Hye in 49 Days

One of my favorite actresses Seo Ji Hye (I Love You, Legend of Hyang Dan) has joined the cast of upcoming drama 49 Days. The other cast members include Jung Il Woo (Return of Iljimae), Jo Hyun Jae (Three Dads and One Mom) who has just been released from military service, Bae Soo Bin (Brilliant Legacy), Nam Gyuri formerly of band SeeYa (Life is Beautiful) and Lee Yo Won (Queen Seondeok), although actress Lee Yo Won has not been officially confirmed yet.

I just finished marathoning SJH’s fluffy drama I Love You in which she co-starred with Ahn Jae Wook and enjoyed it for the most part. It didn’t test Seo Ji Hye‘s considerable acting chops, however, and I’m looking forward to seeing her in this drama that’s essentially about grim reapers and dealing with the afterlife. With the addition of SJH, my anticipation for this drama has risen tenfold and I am officially stoked for it.