Drama Ratings

Although I haven’t watched a huge number of dramas, here are the ones I’ve seen and their ratings based on my opinion. Again, they’re based on how I feel, so take these ratings with a grain of salt and a dash of pepper. 😉

The ratings will be on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best, with the first number being how much I enjoyed it and the second number indicating the quality of the drama. Italicized dramas are ones I’m in the process of watching or are on my to-watch list, and I’ve only rated the dramas I’ve watched either to the end or very close to it. I’ll be adding to this list as I watch more and more.

9 End 2 Outs

A Love to Kill: 2/2

Accidental Couple: 9/8.5

All In: 4/4

Alone in Love: 10/10

Anticipate Love: 7/7

Assorted Gems: 6/5

Bad Family: 9/9

Bang Ja Chronicles: 3/5

Big: 4/4

Birth of a Rich Man: 5/5

Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy: 9/8.5

Boys Before Flowers: 6/5

Can We Get Married?

Capital Scandal

Cheongdamdong Alice: 5/5

Cinderella’s Sister: 7/6

Coffee House: 8/8

Conspiracy in the Court: 10/10

Dal Ja’s Spring: 9/8.5

Dating Agency Cyrano: 6/6

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang: 7/8

Don’t Ask of My Past: 4/4

Drama Special – Hurry and Tell Me: 6/6

Drama Special – Our Slightly Risqué Relationship: 7.5/7

Drama Special – Severed Feelings: 8/8

Drama Special – Snail Boarding House: 8/8

Drama Special – The Great Gye Choon Bin: 9/8

Dream High: 8/8

Dream High 2: 4/3

The Duo: 9/9

Family’s Honor

Fashion 70’s

Flames of Ambition

Flower Boy Next Door

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Flowers for My Life: 10/10

Full House: 6/6

Gloria: 7/7

Goddess of Marriage: 5/5

Goodbye Solo

Gourmet: 7.5/7.5

Gu Family Book: 6/6

Gumiho: Nine Tailed Fox: 6/5

Heartstrings: 6/5

Heirs: 4/3

Hello! Franceska

Hello! Miss: 6/5

Her Legend

Hyena: 8/9

Hyunhaetan Marriage War: 5/5

I Do, I Do: 6/6

I Hear Your Voice: 8/8

I Love Lee Tae Ri: 3/3

I Love You: 7/7

I Need Romance Season 3

Invincible Lee Pyeong Kang: 7/6

Island Village Teacher: 3/3

Jeon Woo Chi: 7/7

Job Well Done: 5/5

King 2 Hearts: 8/8

King of Dramas: 8/8

La Dolce Vita

Legend of Hyang Dan: 9/8.5

Life is Beautiful: 8.5/9

Life Special Investigation Team: 8/8

Love Rain: 5/5

Love Story in Harvard: 4/4

Loving You a Thousand Times: 3/3

Mary Stayed Out All Night: 5/4

Mirae’s Choice: 5/5

Mixed-Up Investigative Agency

My Girl: 8/7

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: 9/8.5

My Name is Kim Sam Soon: 9/9

My Princess: 7/6

My Sweet Seoul

Nice Guy: 6/6

Oh, My Lady: 7.5/7.5

One Fine Day: 4/4

Only You: 5/5

Panda and Hedgehog: 4/4

Partner: 5/5

Pasta: 7/7

Personal Taste: 6/6

Playful Kiss: 6/6

Poseidon: 4/4

Prime Minister and I

The Princess’ Man

Protect the Boss

Queen Inhyun’s Man: 8/8

Reply 1997

Romance Zero: 7/7

Rooftop Prince: 8/7

Ruler of Your Own World

School 2013

Secret Garden: 5/5

Shining Inheritance: 7/7

Shut Up Flower Boy Band: 9/9

Skip Beat (TW-drama): 7/6

Smile, You: 6/5

Sons of Sol Pharmacy House

Soulmate: 10/9

Spring Waltz: 4/3

Stairway to Heaven: 2/2

Still, Marry Me/The Woman Who Still Wanted to Marry: 6/8

Story of a Man: 9/9

Sungkyunkwan Scandal: 7/7

Super Rookie: 7/7

Sweet 18: 7/7

Sweet Spy: 6/6

Tamra the Island: 8/8

Thank You: 9/9

Three Dads and One Mom: 7/6

To the Beautiful You: 4/4

Twelve Men in a Year

What’s Up Fox?: 9/9

When Love Walked In (C/TW-drama)

Which Star Are You From?: 6/5

Who Are You? (2008)

Will It Snow for Christmas?: 6/7

Winter Sonata: 3/3

Wish Upon a Star: 7/7

Witch Yoo Hee: 6/5

Wonderful Life: 6/7

You’re Beautiful: 8/8

You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin: 5/5

You Are My Destiny: 4/4

You From Another Star

6 thoughts on “Drama Ratings

  1. A 4 on You Are My Destiny?! Why did it reach 4? haha. I’ve watched it until Episode 16 and I wasn’t satisfied, YoonA was the only one that made me smile because she’s cute but her acting.. *_* ain’t that good. 😀

  2. LOL I hate to admit it, but I watched about halfway through the drama until it started going all haywire so I gave it up. I thought Yoona was really cute, and I’ve had a soft spot for Lee Ji Hoon for a while so I persevered until about episode 50-something and I think it merits a 4 for the entertainment it gave me until I stopped watching it. 😛

  3. It is interesting to read other people taste in dramas and I have a total opposite taste probably. For one, I absolutely adore Winter Sonata and Secret Garden.
    I have been meaning to check out Alone In Love that rated so high in your list.

    • It all depends on your personal taste. Winter Sonata was one of the earliest dramas I’d ever seen and at the time I was able to sit through it but thinking back on it now I don’t think anything would succeed in convincing me to watch it again. And you’re not alone when it comes to Secret Garden, it’s probably one of the most polarized dramas when it comes to how split people are in loving/hating it. Alone in Love is my all-time favorite drama (thus far) and I don’t know if you’ll enjoy it as much as I did but I really hope you do. Once you’re done please comment on the review I wrote after I finished watching it! I’d love to know what you thought. xD

  4. Hi. Glad to see you rating the kbs drama specials. If you want to see some uniformaly excellent korean acting. I would recommend these dramas. I watched one about a female wrestling team last night, and gave it 9/10.
    I think the only drama in your list I’ve seen is secret garden. which I also gave a 9.

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