I already dedicated a post to my ILU but after seeing how my good friend Maria devoted an actual page to her ILU Lim Ju Hwan, I’ve decided to do the same. This page has been a long time coming because like I’ve already said, my love for Choi Siwon has grown immeasurably over the past few months. So if y’all are not prepared for some major picspam and biased raving, I advise you not to scroll down. If you are, then I invite you to join me in getting to know my beloved!

Name: Choi Siwon (최시원)

Birthday: April 7, 1986 (6 days before mineeeeeee! xD)

Height/Weight: 183 cm / 67 kg

Blood Type: B

Profession: Singer (member of idol group Super Junior), Actor, Model


Below, I’ve included a blurb I wrote on the tumblr I opened up not too long after I began fangirling over Super Junior, when someone asked me what it was that made me fall for Siwon. I tend to have major word vomits when it comes to my ILU, so I apologize in advance if this is unbearably long. You can just scroll down for the pretty, pretty pictures I’ve added since the original blurb was sans them.

Back when SJ was still pretty young in their debut, Siwon appeared on a now defunct variety show called Real Romance Love Letter (which aired between 2004-2006) that I watched religiously from Season 1. Its first season was dedicated purely to the members of Shinhwa who I was nuts about back then just as much as I’m obsessing over SJ now. In its second season, Love Letter changed up the format and started having (relatively) new male guests every week, and Siwon would appear from time to time.

I remember the first time I saw him, I literally stopped breathing and stared at him during the entire episode, taking him and only him in. I couldn’t stop gazing at him and I knew I’d stumbled across someone who was going to cause me a lot of trouble but I didn’t care one iota at the time nor do I care now.

My newly-sparked interest in him led me to watch a few of the dramas he appeared in, Spring Waltz (which was terrible but Siwon was adorable in) and Legend of Hyang Dan (which is still my favorite role I’ve seen him in so far). Then when I heard that he was taking on his first major lead role in a drama called Oh My Lady, I freaked out and nearly died of anticipation as I waited for it to air. It turned out to be cute but disappointing, however I’d been right in my prediction because each drama I saw him in I fell deeper in love with him.

Despite my intense love for him that had developed over the course of 5-6 years, I still resisted falling into SJ’s trap because I mistakenly chalked them up to be another dime-in-a-dozen idol group which I immensely regret now. In February 2011, my friend on twitter sent me the link of SJ-M’s Perfection MV that had just been released, telling me that Siwon looked delicious in it and that she was obsessed with the MV after just one watch. I hesitantly let it load, not knowing what I was getting myself into but wanting to see just how delicious Siwon looked.

Needless to say, I couldn’t stop watching the MV for a week, playing it and replaying it over and over, memorizing every move Siwon made, captivated by how gorgeous he was. After that, I watched all of their MVs and SJ-related clips that I could get my hands on. Succumbing to my overwhelming obsession with SJ has increased my love for Siwon exponentially and now it’s nearly debilitating how much I adore him.

If I had to pick certain aspects of his personality and him in general that I love about him, I’d have to say his devotion to God (because I’m a Christian as well), his eternally gentleman-like tendencies, how loyal he is to his fellow group members and his fans, and his wonderfully humble demeanor despite how much of an Adonis he is.


Below I’m going to go on a mini picspam just ‘cuz I’ve accumulated hundreds of pictures (I’m not even kidding) of Siwon and I want to share his beauty with y’all. And yes I realize that I’m being blatantly obnoxious about my love for him on this page but I honestly can’t help it nor do I care enough to try and stop myself.



Okay for the sake of y’all, I’ll stop here because I can keep going for pages and pages. 최시원, 영원히 사랑하겠습니다~ ❤

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