Another One for Conspiracy in the Court

Day 08: Your Favorite Line/s by a Female Lead Character

I had a really hard time choosing a line by a female lead character. There were two that stuck out at me because they both struck me, but for entirely different reasons so I’ll include both and explain why I chose the one I did as my favorite.

Although Cinderella’s Sister was a terrible drama, Moon Geun Young‘s “He called me Eun Jo yah” still resonates with me even to this day. I don’t know what it is about that simple line of dialogue that grips my heart so tightly, but that scene from episode 3 between Moon Geun Young and Chun Jung Myung still remains one of my favorites to this day and probably will always stay on my list. With just a few syllables, MGY expresses a world of pain that her character Eun Jo has had to endure all her life and the fact that someone cares enough about her to call her by name is what begins to open up her heart to the man she’ll eventually fall in love with. I love its impact.

Kim Ha Eun‘s character Na Young said, “If you never aspire for them, how could you ever fulfill your wishes?” The magic of Conspiracy in the Court is that once you watch it, you can never erase the remnants of it from your mind. While going over the review I wrote for it once I finished watching, I started tearing up again looking at the screencaps I took because the sorrow I felt during CitC’s scenes is still present within me. Although the quote from CS is one of my favorites, this has to be my ultimate because it encapsulates so perfectly the essence of Conspiracy in the Court. All throughout the drama, the main characters tried to ignore their desires (with the exception of Lee Cheon Hee‘s Man Oh who ironically is the only one who survives… woo-hoo symbolism!) until the very end. When Sang Gyu and Na Young decide to succumb and pursue their dreams, they are killed. This was the biggest heartbreak for me because they had to live lives of such turmoil and they weren’t allowed happiness even ’til the end. Although they didn’t survive, I thought this quote expressed the sentiments of CitC flawlessly and that’s why it has earned the title of my favorite line from a female lead.


The Harmful Effects of Photoshopping

Talk has been circulating about the usage of photoshop on stars, with before and after pictures being compared. As you can see in the above image, photos of beautiful stars such as Shin Min Ah, Kim Hee Ae, Oh Yeon Soo, Kim Tae Hee, Jessica Gomez, Lee Hyori, Song Hye Gyo, and Shin Se Kyung are being doctored to improve body shapes, remove wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, making their appearances even more unrealistic and unattainable than they normally are.

Through online communities such as twitter, photos of female celebrities are being discussed, with the before and after pictures being circulated rapidly. Last October, on the SBS broadcasted Good Morning with Bae Gi Wan, Choi Yeong Ah, and Jo Hyeong Gi, alterations of photos that don’t harm the reputations of the celebrities was discussed, but this is considered something completely different.

In the image above, Jessica Gomez who is considered to have the body of a goddess is shown, as well as top stars Kim Tae Hee, Lee Hyori, and Shin Se Kyung. Kim Tae Hee, Oh Yeon Soo, and Kim Hee Ae were “fixed” so that they would have “clean faces” by getting rid of their wrinkles, while the photo of Jessica Gomez was altered by thinning down her stomach and thighs as well as her arms. In the cases of Lee Hyori, Song Hye Gyo, and Shin Se Kyung, their legs were elongated earning them a complex with the lower halves of their bodies and much criticism. Supporters of photoshopping have been making comments such as “The power of photoshop is great,” “I can’t believe Shin Se Kyung‘s legs are that short,” and “The incomparable Kim Tae Hee is also seeing the benefits of alteration.”

This just really grinds my gears. The image of beauty has been transformed so much that the concept of the ideal woman with the perfect body type is just about unattainable for us normal ladies. Despite how difficult it is to live under the scrutiny of society, these female celebrities don’t deserve to be “perfected” because what few flaws they have are somewhat visible. Is it necessary to tone down Shin Min Ah‘s S-line and slim her waist even more than it already is? And yes, Song Hye Gyo and Shin Se Kyung are short. So what? What’s the point of lengthening their legs when it’s obvious that their legs aren’t that long in real life? Photoshopping is something that’s always infuriated me because it’s so harmful and demeaning to all parties involved, and it’s completely unnecessary because it’s a universal fact that no one is perfect. I know my ranting and raving isn’t going to do any good so I’ll stop right here but I just wanted to translate this article to show that this kind of stuff STILL happens and this article gives us a glimpse of just how hard it is to endure life as a celebrity.


Shining Light

Day 07: Your Favorite Line/s by a Male Lead Character

“If you never abandon it, never give it up until the very end, is not hope what shall never leave your side?”

I was seriously considering a lot of different lines from many different dramas that I love but I couldn’t recall another that made my eyes well up with tears and my heart constrict as much as this one. The fact that it was a piece of dialogue from one of my favorite dramas of all time is even better. I’ve gushed enough about Conspiracy in the Court on this blog but I had to gush one more time because this line in its simplicity yet limitless depth just about kills me. Park Sang Gyu (Jin Yi Han) tries to convince his beloved Na Young (Kim Ha Eun) to run away with him before she’s discovered and killed, and he speaks of hope, something that she’s long since lost along with every ounce of light she had within her. I’m tearing up just thinking about the exchange. Damn it, now I want a Conspiracy in the Court rewatch. 😦

Choi Si Won and Lee Dong Hae cast in Upcoming Drama with Ivy Chen

Choi Si Won (upper left) and Lee Dong Hae (bottom left) have been cast in the upcoming GTV drama Extravagant Challenge with actress Ivy Chen. My knowledge of the entertainment industry in China is zilch so I can’t say how I’m feeling about this, especially because Si Won and Dong Hae are working on improving their Chinese. They’ve been able to practice their skills with their Super Junior M activities, but it’s one thing to sing songs with your voice autotuned so much that listeners can barely understand what is being sung, and it’s another to take on acting in a full length drama speaking a language that you’re not fluent in. My ILU isn’t necessarily a bad actor, but he’s still a little green so I’m apprehensive about this, especially after hearing how weak of an actor Dong Hae was in his first drama It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter. Si Won will be acting the lead male role Ren Tsuruga while Dong Hae will be the second lead.

After hearing this news, I’m worried because my ILU’s been so busy lately with wrapping up shooting for his last drama Athena which just ended, participating in Super Junior activities, and now acting in Extravagant Challenge. He’s barely had any time to take a load off and rest for a little while, so I hope he’ll be alright and not overwork himself. The same applies to Dong Hae, his drama ended not too long ago and he’s been busy with Super Junior activities as well so I’m dreading hearing one day that my beloved Si Won and my third favorite member of SuJu Dong Hae have collapsed out of exhaustion. EC’s pre-production will begin next month, and I’m only allowing myself to be cautiously hopeful at this point.

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Parallel Lines

Day 6: Your Favorite Song from a Kdrama OST

Although the entire soundtrack of Conspiracy in the Court was amazing, this one particular song was spot on. The lyrics so perfectly conveyed how the OTP felt throughout the entire span of the drama and every time I heard the familiar opening riffs of this song my heart would start beating more rapidly involuntarily. I wanted to embed the song into this entry but I haven’t upgraded my blog for media so I’ll just include a link to it from youtube. Here it is.

This is How a Female Second Lead Should Always Be

Day 5: Your Favorite Female Third Wheel Character

God… while looking at some screencaps for this drama, I suddenly got an urge to rewatch it so strong I curse school for robbing me of the time to do so.  I haven’t seen actress Gong Hyun Joo in many other dramas, just in the terrible You Are My Destiny which I dropped halfway because it was becoming unbearable to continue watching. In YAMD, she plays the villainous character so I was beyond surprised and pleasantly proven wrong when I saw that she was capable of displaying an incredibly sweet, loving demeanor as Oh Nam Kyung in one of my all-time favorite dramas Flowers for My Life or I Came in Search of a Flower. Flowers was one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen with one of my favorite ensemble casts of all time, and Gong Hyun Joo‘s character Oh Nam Kyung earned her place as my favorite female third wheel character because of how gracious and loving she is. She never truly becomes a third wheel character because both of the second leads understand and fully support the OTP’s love because of how indisputable it is, which is the reason why both second leads captured my heart and made me root for them to find happiness with each other (which was left up in the air so I decided to pretend things ended that way because no one can stop me from doing so :P). Oh Nam Kyung was one of the sweetest female characters to ever be written into a drama and she has held my top spot for favorite female second lead and probably will continue doing so forever.