30 Days of K-Drama Challenge: Day 1

Time to start up a new series! I came across this 30 days of k-drama challenge on a friend’s Tumblr and decided to give it a try on a whim, although I know I won’t be able to keep up with it everyday. Oh well, it’ll get done eventually! Here’s the first post.

Day 1: Your favorite K-Drama

This is a ridiculously hard question. I have 5 die-hard favorites as can be seen from my¬†list, but if I absolutely had to choose just one, I’d have to pick Alone in Love. I’m not going to elaborate much because I did a full review of it after I finally got to finish watching AiL more than a month ago, but it’s still resonating with me although weeks have passed. It had the perfect amount of comedy and poignancy all neatly packaged up into this stellar production. The directing, writing, acting, and OST were all phenomenal. Alone in Love was probably the best slice-of-life drama I’ve ever seen, with every little interaction and conversation that took place pertaining to real, living, breathing people. The scenes were almost candid in their simplistic pragmatism, and the writer imbued much depth into seemingly insignificant gestures that elevated the impact of the scenes to even greater heights.

Of all the dramas I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a ton), Alone in Love was one of the few that left me contemplating aspects of my own life and actually rethinking the perspective I’d taken. It truly was a beautiful gem of a drama that had me laughing one minute, then tearing up the next, in awe of the magic unfolding before me, and these reasons are why it has become my favorite drama of all time (so far :P).

The Meaning of Love: A Review of Alone in Love

After I finished watching the last moments of Alone in Love fade away from my laptop screen, I brushed tears of happiness away from my face with warmth in my heart. Rarely do I ever get the chance to see a k-drama so true to life, so realistic in its interactions that somehow convey such deeply rooted feelings of love, that I truly wanted to hug screenwriter Park Yeon Seon for creating such a wonderful, wonderful drama. For those of you who haven’t seen AiL yet, I’ll continue my review after the jump to avoid revealing any spoilers, because there will be some. You have been forewarned.

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