The finale of Oh, My Lady

Boy oh boy, if they hadn’t cast Choi Si Won as the lead of this drama, there’s very little chance I would’ve kept watching it because this is one of the fluffiest dramas of the least substance I’ve ever seen. Javabeans put it well in her latest recap of OML when she said that the problem with OML is that no matter how many plot conflicts they touch upon, they always veer away from delving deeper into the issues and instead gloss over them, like the world that Gae Hwa and Min Woo live in is some kind of fantasy place where negative things just don’t happen. I think Choi Si Won was probably the best thing about OML, which although isn’t saying much since there aren’t many good things about it, Choi Si Won put in a great performance in his first lead role in a full length drama. I feel like his acting is improved enough that he’d be able to cross over and become a full-time actor instead of staying with dime in a dozen idol group Super Junior, but that’s a whole other topic to gripe on for another time.

I loved how Choi Si Won succeeded in making Sung Min Woo likable from the start. With a lesser actor, Sung Min Woo could’ve come across as utterly annoying, but Choi Si Won has an innate appeal and charm that he injects into everything he does, and that came across in his acting as well. His chemistry with Chae Rim was acceptable at best (especially having seen how great she was with Lee Min Ki in Dal Ja’s Spring), but I thought CSW was wonderful with the little girl who played his daughter Ye Eun, and since CSW had previously worked with the actor who plays the tenacious reporter Han in his fusion sageuk mini-drama Legend of Hyang Dan, they were good together as well.

Chae Rim is not a bad actress. I think she’s downright adorable and has a very upbeat demeanor, but the main problem with her is that she continues to choose the same roles over and over. I realize she’s not quite young anymore, but I would like for Chae Rim to not cross over into ajumma category just yet because she’s still got a few years before she qualifies as one. Once again, she was good in her role as Yoon Gae Hwa, infusing Gae Hwa with energy and sincerity simultaneously. She also was great with both of the little girls, but when has she ever not been great with kids?

I won’t get into Park Han Byul again except to say that she’s actually not all bad when she’s acting in subdued scenes. Her drinking scene in episode 15 was nicely done, with PHB clearly conveying her sadness over the news of Min Woo and Gae Hwa. I really loved that Lee Hyun Woo‘s character Yoo Si Jun wasn’t a typical male second lead in that his feelings for Gae Hwa bordered on friendship for basically the entire drama. Although there were moments when Si Jun seemed like he had more than platonic feelings for Gae Hwa, it made me so glad when the possibility of reconciliation between him and his wife was dangled in the final episode. One divorce is one too much for a drama, and if they’d divorced, it would’ve seemed too unfair since their entire marriage was wrought with misunderstandings and things left unsaid.

The last two episodes of OML weren’t necessarily bad, but the problem I had with them is probably the same as what y’all felt as well… they were way too rushed. It was as though the writers had realized last minute that they had written absolutely nothing of substance within the past 14 episodes and there was no plot development at all, so they gave up and just wrote whatever came to their minds. For those of you who haven’t watched the last two episodes yet, please don’t proceed because you will be spoiled. What happened to Ye Eun’s problem with speech? Why did Min Woo have such an easy rise back to fame? Not that I have anything against Min Woo, but come on. One good performance in a theater show completely makes up for all of the negative press he’d been receiving up to that point? I really hate it when the last few episodes of an otherwise acceptable drama are rushed and bad overall, because that completely ruins the entire drama for me. OML’s predecessor, Wish Upon a Star, was like that as well, and now OML has gone and done the same thing. We finally got to see the kiss between Min Woo and Gae Hwa that we were all waiting for, but they decided to have that be the last scene? What about the marriage proposal? Did that admission from Gae Hwa mean that she was agreeing to marry Min Woo? As you can probably see, I have as many complaints about Oh, My Lady‘s ending as I did with WUAS, but I think OML was a cute drama to watch if one needs to get away from the stresses of life. It’s a good pick-me-up with a happy ending and has its share of really cute scenes, and that’s about it. Although OML’s charm was what I enjoyed while I was watching it, charm isn’t enough to help viewers remember the drama in the long run. I can only hope that both Choi Si Won and Chae Rim choose better dramas/projects next time. The only good thing about OML’s ending is that now I can see my love Kang Ji Hwan in Coffee House next week! 😀

The Halfway Mark III

Now for the third installment of my halfway mark series featuring Oh, My Lady! starring Choi Si Won (mine!) and the adorable Chae Rim, with Park Han Byul and Lee Hyun Woo taking on the second lead roles. On a scale of gloom and doom (Cinderella’s Sister) to cotton candy fluff, OML occupies the cotton candy end of the spectrum with Personal Taste being an even middle ground between the two (maybe more on the fluff side, but veering towards the more serious in its recent episodes). Again, there might be some spoilers if you’re watching this and have not seen this week’s episodes, so proceed with caution.

With the character of Sung Min Woo being such a top star, I expected him to be reserved and a man of little words with his charisma fueled by mystery. But boy, was I wrong. Choi Si Won is showing a side of him I never expected to see, expressing bursts of comedic timing that I had an inkling were hidden away somewhere in that nicely sculpted chest of his. He’s especially great with his facial expressions, which are priceless and absolutely hysterical. Choi Si Won reminds me of Lee Seung Gi because although OML and Brilliant Legacy (respectively) weren’t their first roles in dramas, it was the first time for the both of them taking on the lead role and both of them are crossing over from the music industry to the acting world quite smoothly. Although Choi Si Won isn’t quite on Lee Seung Gi‘s level of acting in dramatic or emotional scenes yet, CSW definitely has LSG beat with his comedic timing and that adds to the charm of OML, knowing that it’ll always succeed in making me laugh with each episode.

Although it took a while for Sung Min Woo’s character to develop and mature (12 episodes!), we’re finally seeing some progression in this week’s episodes, which I’m pleased to see. The bonding scenes between Min Woo and his daughter Ye Eun are becoming more frequent and adorable, adding to the overall feel-good atmosphere that this drama emits. The bond between CSW and the little girl who plays his daughter has been reported on, and CSW has posted charming pictures of the two of them on his twitter account, with their relationship becoming more apparent onscreen with each episode.

Although Choi Si Won is at his cutest during the laugh out loud scenes, he’s no amateur at acting the aww-inducing scenes either. I love that Min Woo is starting to develop feelings for Gae Hwa out of the respect he initially felt towards her (although I kind of wish they sped up the process.. we’ve had way too few romantic scenes between CSW & Chae Rim so far for my liking). Min Woo is starting to realize how big of an impact Gae Hwa has left on him since she came into his life, and he’s taking steps to utilizing that impact to become a better person. Not that he was a horrible person in the first place, but the number one lesson that knowing Gae Hwa has taught him is humility and the ending of episode 12 is indicative of that.

Yes, I realize this entire entry has been about Choi Si Won so far, but you can’t begrudge me of fangirliness, can you? Didn’t think so. Chae Rim is lovable as Yoon Gae Hwa, although Gae Hwa isn’t very different from other roles that CR has acted in dramas. CR has decent acting abilities, but she hasn’t gone past her safety zone of playing similar characters in all the years I’ve seen her, and so I hope that one day she’ll take that plunge and try new things. The two girls are adorable, particularly the little girl who plays Ye Eun. Although the role doesn’t entail much except not saying anything and looking like a bite-sized piece of precious, I still love Ye Eun anyway. Those who are watching OML can attest when I refer to that look that Ye Eun gives Min Woo when she wants some acknowledgement from him. She looks up at him and bats her eyes innocently, looking on the verge of tears. It just makes me want to pinch her cheeks and take her home to be my own daughter. (I realize I’m gushing. I’m at the age where I’m starting to want kids, so please be understanding. :P)

I don’t want to turn the rest of this post into a rant, so I’ll just address my qualms about OML without getting too in depth into them. Park Han Byul is one of the worst actresses to ever grace this planet, and it totally grinds my gears that the only reason why she’s famous is because she’s pretty, and she’s Se7en’s girlfriend. That is all. Moon Jung Hee rubbed me the wrong way in the beginning and middle of the drama, but that might just be because of how self-entitled her character was, and I’m starting to warm up to her little by little, despite the whole her being an adulteress bit.  Lee Hyun Woo is also playing the same exact carbon copy of the characters he always plays, but for some reason, he makes me want to cut him some slack. It doesn’t even look like he’s trying that hard, but there’s just something about him that leads me to give him a pass although he’s not a good actor either.

So on the whole, Oh, My Lady should be watched purely for entertainment value because if you’re looking for a drama with substantial conflict and depth, this isn’t the one for you. I like how the dramas I’m currently watching don’t all fit into one category of either rom-com or makjang, but are on different points of the spectrum. It helps me separate them and form more solid opinions about them. On an ending note, yes, I am aware that all of the screencaps I included in this entry are of Choi Si Won. And yes, it’s because I wanted to share the pretty with all of you so you could see the pretty too. Until next time!

My Top Ten Favorite Dramas Continued

Here’s the second and final installment of my Top Ten Favorite Dramas list. Again, they’re in no particular order. As you can probably see from the first installment, I tend to ramble on without realizing how much I’m writing when I’m talking about these dramas that I love so much, so please, bear with me. 🙂

6. Dal Ja’s Spring

Many of the dramas I watched were at the suggestions and recommendations of my 선배 bloggers, especially the wonderfully expressive and insightful Javabeans. Dal Ja’s Spring was one of the ones that I picked up because of her good rating of the drama, and I never regretted watching it. Chae Rim‘s hair and makeup are a bit jarring at first but they eventually do a lot to add to her character’s loveableness. Lee Min Ki was flawlessly cast as Kang Tae Bong aka Spare Tire, the man of practically every girl’s dreams. The dynamic at Dal Ja’s workplace is cohesive and realistic, and the crazy twists and turns that occur add to the show’s appeal. Much of the script was witty and well-written, and I really enjoyed the character development all throughout the drama’s 22 episodes. Compared to many of Chae Rim‘s career choices, Dal Ja’s Spring was definitely a win.

7. You’re Beautiful

When I heard about this drama before it came out, I was determined not to come near it with a ten-foot pole. I’m not a big fan of the “idol groups” that are gaining momentous popularity in the motherland today, so the concept of a drama about an idol group was not very appealing to me. Not to mention I wasn’t familiar with or a fan of any of the actors/actresses involved. But at the glowing recommendation of Javabeans who I’ve trusted thus far and will trust way, way into the future, I decided to give the first episode a shot. Oh boy, if I’d gone along with my initial reaction to You’re Beautiful and not seen it, I would’ve sorely regretted it. The Hong sisters never fail to thoroughly amuse me, and they took a good turn with You’re Beautiful. The gripes that I’ve had about their previous dramas were not as bad in this drama, and I discovered the charm of Park Shin Hye for the first time. She was great as a nun-in-training turned idol-pop-star, but Jang Geun Seok‘s performance was what truly made the drama for me. I’m not going to lie, I was a Kang Shin Woo shipper all the way to the end, but that’s just because I’m a sucker for nice guys, Jang Geun Seok dove into this role with a fervor and enthusiasm I’ve never seen him display in his other dramas/movies, and he had great chemistry with Park Shin Hye. I saw Lee Hong Ki for the first time on an early episode of Family Outing and I didn’t glean much of an impression of him from it, only that he looked very feminine and he didn’t speak much. He took an awesome turn in You’re Beautiful though, and gave some of the best scenes, comedic and serious, of the entire drama. The cast was solid and played off each other really well which was evident in the acting. One thing I wasn’t too happy with was the editing which was meager at best, but it didn’t bother me too much because everything else was so great.

8. Legend of Hyang Dan

I debated with myself about whether or not I should include Legend of Hyang Dan on my favorites list because it’s definitely not a great drama. It’s entertaining at best, with winning lead actors and a good camaraderie with the cast, and humorous situations. But I decided to keep it in because of entirely shallow reasons, the main one being that I’ve been obsessed with Choi Si Won ever since I saw him on oldie but goodie variety shows such as Real Romance Love Letter and the not as well-known Jihwaza. He was incredibly charismatic in his aloofness, but he expressed sudden bursts of comedic timing once in a while that had me intrigued. They made me want to see him in more, my only other experience watching him having been the failure known as Spring Waltz. When I saw that Choi Si Won was leading Legend of Hyang Dan, despite its short length, I downloaded the two episodes eagerly, wanting to see him displaying his acting chops. He had great chemistry with the lead actress Seo Ji Hye which could be due to their somewhat closeness in age (He’s 22 and she’s 25), and the dialogue was enjoyable. A part of me wishes it was a little longer, but they made good use of the short time and kept the plot flowing well. This was the first thing I saw Seo Ji Hye in and I really loved her portrayal of Hyang Dan, so I’m on the lookout for any remaining download links of her 2008 drama I Love You with Ahn Jae Wook. 🙂

9. Thank You

Gong Hyo Jin is one of my favorite Korean actresses for good reason. She was wonderful in Thank You, playing Lee Young Shin, the single mother of a child suffering from AIDS. She gave Young Shin incredible depth and the sadness she felt at being abandoned by her parents and her first love and now the fact that her beloved daughter is suffering from an incurable disease is prevalent in everything Young Shin does. However, Young Shin doesn’t let her problems get her down. She instead throws herself into being a good mother and a good caretaker for her grandfather played by Shin Goo who suffers from dementia after having lost his son, Young Shin’s father, tragically in an accident.  Seo Shin Ae shines as Lee Bom, a child who discovers that she’s sick with a fatal disease, and displays nuances in her acting of Lee Bom that actors and actresses old enough to be her mother or father can’t even dream of displaying. Oh and I can’t forget Shin Sung Rok who plays Lee Bom’s father. He was great in expressing the frustration at the inescapable feeling that Lee Bom is his daughter, but not knowing for sure. Thank You was the first time I saw Shin Sung Rok in anything, and his performance left me with a soft spot for the actor, although he didn’t have as many scenes as I’d have liked. There were definitely flaws with Thank You, but the underlying lessons of love, appreciation and gratitude that are under the surfaces of each spoken word undermine the problems of it, leaving the viewer (at least for me) with a newfound love of family and friends. Seo Shin Ae and Shin Goo both had scenes along with Gong Hyo Jin where I cried buckets, but as the drama came to a close, I strangely didn’t feel sad. I really appreciated Thank You for subtlely reminding us that it’s the little things in life that count most, and to never take what you have for granted.

10. My Girl

Last but not least, My Girl rounds out my Top Ten Favorites list of what I’ve seen so far. It was hard choosing my final drama because it was a three-way tie between My Girl, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, and What’s Up Fox? I ultimately chose My Girl because I have a special place in my heart for it since it was one of the first k-dramas I watched and thoroughly enjoyed, and I liked My Girl as a whole more than either of the other two dramas. My standards for what I like in a drama are simple. I dislike heavy melodramas where the plot is all gloom-and-doom because life is hard enough as it is without having to watch more difficult things happening in shows that I watch to get my mind off of the problems in my life. So despite the fact that I know there are plenty of other dramas that are great despite their loaded plots, I tend to shy away from those because I’m more into feel-good ones. My Girl is without a doubt a feel-good one. Sure, the plot takes a overly dramatic turn in the last few episodes that I could’ve done without, but my love for Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae helped me plow through all that until I got the happy ending I always crave when watching dramas. Because of their wonderful chemistry, I’m still holding out hope that Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae will marry and make my My Girl dream come true, but we’ll see what happens. I really disliked Park Shi Yeon‘s role in My Girl because I saw her as nothing but a plot device, but Lee Jun Ki‘s character was appealing to me (despite the horrid hair). Overall, My Girl rounds out my top ten list for now, until I get the chance to watch more dramas and make a whole new list. Thanks for tuning in, y’all! Hope you have a great day. 🙂

Episode 41

Why are you doing this?//Leave this instant!//You… I’m going to call the police! (?)
Alright, that’s enough.//Well done.
What in the world is this?//Why are you treating me this way?
I warned you to stay away from my son.//Try meeting my son one more time. This is nothing compared to what will happen then.
I didn’t meet him. I told you we broke up!
Who do you think you’re lying to?//You even came all the way to the office to rob money from us!
Who are you to lay a hand on my daughter’s face?
Oh my… what is this?
You! Where do you think you’re running off to?
Mom! Pretend that you don’t know.
Tell me the truth. The asshole who played around with you and dumped you after, was it her son?
Today this bitch (?) is…
How, how, how could that woman be in that house? Were those two related? Oh my… oh my head.
You bitch! (?) Stop right there!
You’re running away after you put my daughter in this state?
This woman… you must be crazy!//Where do you think you’re touching?//(???)//You and your daughter are the same trying to blackmail us for money just to keep your mouths shut. You should be ashamed. If you live that way, you’ll be punished a thousand times.
What?//(???)//Punished a thousand times?//You must know what a thousand punishments are like then!//That’s right, why don’t you tell me how a thousand punishments feel?//After getting a surrogate because your daughter-in-law couldn’t conceive, and then having her marry into the family, how do you feel? (?)
What?//This woman.. What are you saying?//Who married a surrogate into their family?
You’re asking who? I’m talking about you!//Go and think carefully about what I said, you arrogant bitch. (?)//(?) Wow, your household is in great shape!
What is that woman talking about?//That woman must be crazy!//She’s crazy.//What?//A surrogate as a daughter-in-law?
I feel great!//But.. What have I done?//Oh my.. What’s Eun Nim going to do now?//Oh.. I don’t know anymore.//Is that really the problem right now?
After getting a surrogate because your daughter-in-law couldn’t conceive, and then having her marry into the family, how do you feel? (?)
Granddaughter-in-law, did you and Yoo Bin eat something bad yesterday? Why are both your faces like that?
Is it because Daughter-in-law is (?)? She and Yoo Bin (?) but they really look similar, like (?).
It can’t be. It’s not. It can’t.//That young lady from before..//Now that I look back on it, they do look alike.//Oh, it’s not, it can’t. There’s no way! There’s no way.//Oh, it’s not.
How could she trash our house this much?//Oh dear, there’s nothing we can save.//What is this?//Why are you sobbing like a fool when you didn’t do anything right?//They keep walking all over you because you keep acting like such a fool!//You’re not meeting that asshole again, are you?//You said that you two broke up!
We did break up.
Then why did that bitch (?) come and do all this?//I asked you if you broke up and started meeting again!
It’s not like that. We did break up.
(?) You two broke up, so why did she come and make things so much worse?//That asshole.. He’s the eldest son of the Baek family, right?
Mom, what are you going to do now that you know that?
Do you really want me to sit still and do nothing after all this?
Mom, let’s just run away somewhere far. Please, let’s just do that.
Even if we were to run away, I can’t just leave after being treated this way.//I’m going to take pictures of everything and show them to that asshole.
Mom!//Mom, why are you doing this? Don’t do this!
Let go! I won’t go.
What are you going to do after you take these pictures?
Uhnee, why does your voice sound like that?//Uhnee! It’s me, So Weol.
So Weol?//Don’t call me from now on.
Oh my… why is Uhnee being like this?//Is she mad at me about something?
Hey, why are you talking to yourself like that?
Oh, it’s Geum Ja Uhnee. After she left so abruptly, I was worried and so I called her, but she hung up on me after telling me not to call again.
I told you already not to associate with her. Whenever I see Geum Ja, she’d always call me Uhnee and say this and that..//But think about how much she’s inconvenienced our family! She knew for a fact that our Chul was getting married but she didn’t even come to the wedding.
I’m sure she has an explanation for that. Geum Ja Uhnee isn’t such a bad person.
Alright then, believe whatever you want.
But Uhnee, how much did your pay (?) come out to?
I don’t know, don’t ask.//Yes, Director.
Why is your voice like that again today?//The first episode’s ratings were a success. (?)
You don’t have to lie like that. I know the first episode’s ratings were only 15%.
You’re very greedy, you know that? Did you really think we were going to reach 20% by the end of the first broadcast? The last episode of the program that airs before our drama drew in 16%. If our first broadcast drew 12%, that’s a success.
Yes, really. So keep your strength up, and once the shoot is over, I’ll stop by.
No, it’s okay. You’re probably busy so you don’t need to stop by. Just have a good shoot, alright?//Oh, what? Are you going somewhere?
Yes, I have something I need to do.
Okay. You must be tired of being home all the time so go out and meet some friends, go shopping, and try finding a new boyfriend.
Oh, Uhnee!
What? There’s nothing wrong with that. Seon Young, you’re still young so go out and have a lot of fun, okay?
I’ll be back.
So you’re not the birth mother(?)?
So there must be another birth mother(?) then.
Yes. But ever since my child was (?), I raised him myself.//There was never a time when I didn’t see him as my son.
In these types of situations, blood-related families take precedence.
Is there really no way?
These types of situations are difficult. You must give up on (?) and (?).
But before you said that I was (?). That’s what you said.
You didn’t tell me this before.
Yoo Bin, Yoo Bin, Yoo Bin…
Was I the one who cheated? But why is it not possible for me? I’m the person who raised Yoo Bin until now. Why?
Sister-in-law, it’s probably not going to be that way.
I thought that too. But, they said it’s not possible because I’m not Yoo Bin’s birth mother(?).
To tell you the truth, I didn’t give birth to Yoo Bin. But Sister-in-law, there was never a time when I didn’t think of Yoo Bin as my child. Yoo Bin is my son. But if I divorce, I don’t have a chance.. Even though I cared for him until now, am I still not a mother? What kind of law is like this?
What should I do, Sister-in-law?//What should I do?
Sister-in-law, please drink this.
Sister-in-law, you’re the only person who knows that I’m not Yoo Bin’s birth mother(?). My mother doesn’t even know. So take this to your grave, okay? Yoo Bin can’t know about this.
I didn’t want to do this but I wound up telling you anyway.//Sister-in-law, you’re the only person I can trust right now. If I didn’t have you, I wouldn’t have had a clue about what to do.
Sister-in-law, what am I supposed to do? What about me?
Oh my, it’s time for Yoo Bin to come out. Sister-in-law, you should take Yoo Bin and go. Hurry and go. I want to see Yoo Bin but I don’t want him to see me like this.//I’ll call you another time.
Oh hello! You’re here.
That’s right Yoo Bin.//What should we…//do now?
What’s wrong?
Please get me a glass of water.
What’s wrong, daughter?
Hello, we’re home!
I’m home!
It’s not true. It’s not. Oh.
Oh Mother-in-law!
Hey! Daughter-in-law! Hey! Oh no, why is she like this? Hey! Daughter-in-law!//Hey! Daughter-in-law! Why are you like this? Oh no, why is she like this? Come to your senses!
Mother-in-law! Mother-in-law, at least drink some water.
Take it away.
Why are you being like this? Have you gone crazy? I think we’re going to have to call Doctor Kim.
No, I’m alright.
If you’re okay, then why are you being like this? Why did you throw the glass of water?
I said I’m okay! I’m fine!//Please leave.//Ah, I want to be alone!
I think the Madam has become a little strange. There are times when she’s really weird. Even until yesterday she was fine,//but why is she being like this all of a sudden?//She even disappeared at the wedding..
Give me some crackers!
Wait one second.//Yoo Bin, take these cookies upstairs and have some, okay?
Oh my.. They look alike.//How could I not have known when we’re all in the same house?//When they look so much alike?//What do I do now?//What should I do?//What that woman said must be true!
After getting a surrogate because your daughter-in-law couldn’t conceive, and then having her marry into the family, how do you feel? (?) Your household is in great shape!
Do you know how much this is? It’s something that you can’t even pay money for!
What’s going on..//Oh my. Daughter-in-law, did you slap Granddaughter-in-law?
She, she..
You! You’ve gone crazy, haven’t you?//Are you really being like this because of that lousy coffee cup?
Mother, do you know how much I treasure this coffee cup? You can’t even buy this abroad.//It’s not true. It’s definitely not true. That woman.. Just because I messed with her daughter, she got angry and lied. That must be it. Something like this can’t happen.//I would like a paternity blood test.//What is it that I need?
Please understand. You need to.//From what I can see, I think your mother-in-law is really sick.//Do you really think she would’ve done something like that if she were in her right mind?//Even if you’re completely sane, there are times when she lashes out. Don’t you remember on your wedding day? She disappeared without a word and when she reappeared, she had no recollection of that.//Oh my Lord, of course you don’t know.//Even before you two married, I went to the hospital with her, but she left me there and disappeared again.//So don’t take this to heart, alright?//Oh dear, oh my. Don’t cry, don’t cry.//I know how much stress you’re under.
I’m sorry Grandmother-in-law. I know I’m lacking in many ways..
No, that’s not true! You’re not.//But please, don’t tell Kang Ho about what happened, alright?
Yes Grandmother-in-law.
Oh, my wife is in here?//Why? Is something going on?
What do you mean? It’s nothing.
Grandmother, did you scold my wife?
Yes. I scolded her.
How could there not be any hairs? Why does she clean up so well?
Oh Mom, what are you doing here?
Oh, I’m looking for a nail clipper.
Did you come all the way up here because you were looking for a nail clipper? There should be one in Grandmother’s room.
Ah, here. Here it is.
There’s something really strange going on in this house.//I’m going to ask you one more time. Something happened today, right?
No, nothing. Hurry and wash up so we can have dinner.
Ah that punk is sleeping in here again! Again!
The more I think about it, the angrier I get.//I now know who that asshole is, so the only way I’ll feel better is to see how great he is.
Lady, lady. Where do you think you’re going? This is a restricted area and not just anyone can go through here.
I’m not someone who’s restricted, and I’m here to meet the president of this company, Baek Sae Hun.
Did you make an appointment?
Why don’t you call Baek Sae Hun and tell him that Hong Yeon Hee’s mother is here, then.
Yes?//What?//Who’s here?//Put her on.//Yes, this is Baek Sae Hun.//I’ll meet you in the company’s coffee shop.
That must be him. That’s the asshole.
Are you, Hong Yeon Hee’s…
You asshole!//You lousy jerk!//You deserve to be killed!//What are you going to do about my daughter? My daughter, huh?!
Why are you doing this? Why don’t you let go of me and speak.
Why are you doing this?!//Are you going to be as calm after seeing this?
What is this to make you act this way?
Your mother, that almighty woman, look at what she did to my Yeon Hee!//What did my Yeon Hee do to deserve this?//Why does my Yeon Hee have to go through all this? Only her?!//My Yeon Hee’s so pitiful, I can’t stand it.//What is my Yeon Hee going to do now?
Here, our (?).
Here, for my Chul too! (?)
(?), some bean sprouts?
Oh, that’s enough. This woman, oh.
Our (?) is making all this money to bring home, and his wife can’t even do this much?//Above all else, if the man brings home money, that’s when we can live comfortably.//Darling, here’s some (?).
That’s enough, can you stop it now?
What about you? What are you going to do from now on?
Oh dear.
When are you going to get your act together and stop wasting time like this?
What do you mean wasting time?
It’s only a matter of time until your baby is born.//All I’m saying is, you need to do something to earn enough money to put food on the table and making a living.
You don’t need to worry, I’m in the middle of planning something out.
What is that, Chul?
That’s right, what is it? Please tell us.
What kind of company is it?
I don’t care about another person’s company, but I’m thinking of opening my own business.
Business? What kind of business?
A chicken restaurant.
A chicken restaurant?!
No way. It can’t be that!
What? Why? What do you mean no way?
I want to tie your ties before you leave for work and iron your shirts for you, and other things like that!
Don’t worry about that.//When I leave for the restaurant, I’ll always wear a tie.
Do you really think that’s what I mean?!
Why do you have so much to say when our son-in-law says that he’s in the middle of planning it?
Then do you mean to tell me to stink of oil as I fry chicken legs?!
I’ll be the one to fry the chicken legs, so don’t worry about that either!//Nan Jung, you have to help me in order for me to build up the strength to work on this. Huh?//In order to not make you and our baby live difficult lives, I thought long and hard about it and came to this decision.
It’s not even the smell of flowers, or of perfume, but now every day I have to prepare chicken and stink of it?
All you have to do is have the baby and raise it well because I’ll do the rest.
How do you think I’m going to let you live such a hard life by yourself?//I can’t do that.//Go away.
Here we go. Nan Jung, look at this! Nan Jung, look here! I’m dancing now!//Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!//???//Is the baby listening to this too?//Let’s do this together, Nan Jung!

—- End of the first half, second half begins at 30:30.A