Nam Sang Mi and Daniel Choi’s Couple Photo Shoot for Cosmopolitan

Actors Nam Sang Mi and Daniel Choi participated in a photo shoot today that showcased a preppy look with the clothes designed by Mr. Preppy himself, Tommy Hilfiger. They were able to set a lively and cheerful atmosphere during the shoot, working well to create quality pictures that conveyed the “humor and wit” (which I don’t see at all in the pictures but what do I know?) concept that was intended for the photo shoot. The two celebrities are known for their stylish images and approachable good looks, and those characteristics of theirs carried over in the shoot. They were both praised for their abilities to come up with good poses and facial expressions from the staff members present throughout the shoot. Personally, I adore these two and would love to see them in a drama together instead of just a photo shoot, but I’ll take what I can get. They look gorgeous even though I know they’re posing as a couple, despite the fact that the clothes and concept of the shoot don’t interest me much. The pictures can be found after the jump.

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Daniel Choi Cast as The Baby-Faced Beauty

It looks like I have another Daniel Choi project to look forward to. He’s just been cast in the upcoming KBS drama The Baby-faced Beauty which looks to be his comeback project. It’s slated to start airing in May and the production company behind this drama supposedly lobbied hard for Daniel Choi‘s casting. His character is a high school graduate with a bad reputation who’s hired to act as the younger brother of a 30-year old single woman 7 years his senior. There are high hopes that baby-faced star Choi Kang Hee who’s considered as a “representative of the entertainment industry” will be cast as the female lead. This will be the first time after the 2008 drama The World They Live In that Daniel Choi will be starring in a KBS drama. He began his foray into acting in 2004 with EBS’s School Tale or Tale of a School and saw his rise to fame through 2009’s sitcom¬†High Kick Through the Roof. His movie Cyrano Dating Agency also starring Kim Min Jung, Uhm Tae Woong, and Park Shin Hye saw the end to his rookie days and transitioned him into a well-known actor. He is currently shooting for the upcoming drama The Musical with Gu Hye Sun, Park Ki Woong and Ock Ju Hyun.

I’m excited about this because I love Daniel Choi‘s boyish demeanor, but Choi Kang Hee isn’t a big draw for me so I guess I’ll have to see where the wind takes me with this one.

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Daniel Choi’s Allure Photo Shoot and Interview

First up, I just have to get this out of my system: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Ahem.. *regains composure* Ever since I watched Cyrano Dating Agency a few months ago, I’ve been a fan of Daniel Choi‘s because he just about stole the screen from everyone else who shared it with him. I adored his character’s bumbling, lovable nature and how infatuated he was with Lee Min Jung‘s character and so I was shocked when I saw how different he looked in this photo shoot. The pics taken during the Allure shoot are posted after the jump.

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