Nam Goong Min Cast in Listen to My Heart

Nam Goong Min has been cast alongside Kim Jae Won, Hwang Jung Eum, Song Joong Ki and Ryu Si Won in Listen to My Heart. His character, Jang Jun Ha, abandons his father and younger sister in order to gain peace of mind for himself. Nam Goong Min released a statement through his agency Bel Actors Entertainment saying that he’s come across a character that he felt compelled to take and that he’s ready to show his viewers the skills he possesses as an actor through the character of Jang Jun Ha.

Of all the wooden actors I’ve seen, Nam Goong Min has to be one of the prettiest, if not the most pretty, so I can’t tell you how I’m feeling about the promise he makes to show us his acting chops. He was slightly better than mediocre in the terrible One Fine Day, and he was even more wooden than I’d remembered him to be in the zany Birth of a Rich Man, albeit an incredibly gorgeous block of wood. However, Listen to My Heart is hosting a slew of actors/actresses that I don’t necessarily love but am optimistic about, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how Nam Goong Min fares.

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Kim Jae Won’s First Post-MS Project

Actor Kim Jae Won who was recently released from military service has been chosen as the male lead role opposite actress Hwang Jung Eum in the upcoming drama Listen to My Heart. Listen to my Heart will air after the intense Flames of Ambition completes its run, and Kim Jae Won and Hwang Jung Eum are said to be working on getting a feel for the other’s acting. KJW’s role will be that of chaebol son (of course, how’s a k-drama complete without any mention of a chaebol? *grumble grumble*) Cha Dong Joo who is hard of hearing due to an accident. The cast also includes Song Joong Ki (Yay!) and Ryu Si Won.

Since Hwang Jung Eum‘s fresh off the success of shooting Giant and has been said to have made a marked improvement in her acting as a result of working with such heavyweights as Jung Bo Seok, Park Sang Min, Lee Deok Hwa, and Lee Beom Soo, I’m excited to see how she fares in this drama. The only thing I’ve ever seen Kim Jae Won in is Wonderful Life and he was serviceable there so I’m anticipating how his acting has changed after MS. He’s looking great though, just like it did for actor Chun Jung Myung, methinks MS has done Kim Jae Won some good.

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