Will Jung Yong Hwa Get the Girl This Time Around?

Actress Park Shin Hye and CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa have been cast in the upcoming Wed-Thurs MBC drama Festival as the leading couple. Festival will be set in an arts school in which the main characters work hard to achieve their dreams through their sweat and tears. The drama’s said to be a melo about the days of youth when first loves and new friendships are experienced. Festival‘s garnering interest because it’s the next drama of Pyo Min Soo, who directed both Full House and The World They Live In. Park Shin Hye‘s character is described to be bright and lively, who is a prodigy (*sighs* another genius? Apparently everyone and their mother are geniuses in Korea) in Korean-style classical music and playing the gayageum, which is a 12-stringed Korean harp. Through this role, Park Shin Hye will be exhibiting a cute and lovable character whose youthfulness radiates through her actions. Jung Yong Hwa‘s character is a student who is forced by his circumstances to live in a cultured, urban atmosphere and is a musical genius (of course he is.) who specializes in the guitar. The two of them fall in love through bickering and fighting and are planning to create a fun story as well as romance. Fans have been showing much enthusiasm about this casting news even when it’d been only rumors floating around. Although Jung Yong Hwa‘s character Kang Shin Woo in You’re Beautiful had to endure through an unrequited love for Park Shin Hye‘s Go Mi Nyeo, fans are excited to see whether or not their love story will unfold this time. Festival is slated to air after Royal Family, which sets its first broadcast on the 22nd of June.

I’m not going to lie, I’m ridiculously excited about this drama because I so wanted Jung Yong Hwa‘s Kang Shin Woo to get the girl in You’re Beautiful. A lot of times I naturally go against the grain and root for the second lead when he is depicted as the silent dummy protector, and I loved how Shin Woo was always so attentive towards Mi Nyeo despite knowing that she had feelings for someone else. I thought Jung Yong Hwa did a decent job in You’re Beautiful when compared to other actors *cough plastic-face Kim Hyun Joong cough* and I’m excited to see if he’ll be able to carry Festival on his shoulders with Park Shin Hye. My guess is as good as yours, and I’m hoping that the cute chemistry they displayed in You’re Beautiful will be evident in Festival as well. Dang it, now all I have to do is wait for Royal Family to end. 😦

Via Joy News

Lee Seung Gi’s Real Gumiho Finally Cast!

I am entirely unsure about this news. My first reaction to hearing that Shin Min Ah was cast was precisely this:


But after the initial excitement wore off, I thought about it some more and I dunno if I can actually picture this pairing together. Shin Min Ah so obviously looks older than Lee Seung Gi that it’ll be a bit awkward, and SMA is drop dead gorgeous, but I can’t picture her as a gumiho as of now. For me, her strongest contender was Jeon Ji Hyun who I thought fit the role to a T, but I absolutely adore Shin Min Ah so I’m excited to see her in this.

After all the hoopla with the casting for this drama though, my anticipation for it has dissipated somewhat, but I’m hoping the Hong sisters will succeed in this new foray into another type of drama instead of just slapstick. For the most part, Hong Gil Dong was a success although it veered off into too much angst sometimes (or so I’ve heard), so I’m going to be cautiously optimistic about their attempt in dabbling with comedy mixed with horror. (Although I really hope there won’t be gore. I don’t do gore. Gore and Soluna do not mix in the slightest, and it will not bode well for me continuing to watch it in the future despite my love for both the leads.)